Work Injuries

In the United States, work place injuries are very common and make up a large portion of people suffering with ongoing pain and symptoms. Computer technicians, construction workers, doctors, lawyers, cab drivers, you name it; all have the same chance of injuring themselves at work. The bad thing is that work injuries not only cause people to miss days of work but if effects many of the daily activites and recreational activities as well. The treatment of choice for these types of injuries is Chiropractic.


Research has shown that chiropractic care is the most effective, cost-effective treatment of choice to return workers back faster, stronger, and with the education to maintain good habits and continued improvements. The gentle chiropractic techniques coupled with muscle therapies restores good health and strength.
If you have suffered a work related injury, you must report it to your employer and immediately seek out care for these injuries. Delaying these may make it difficult to get the treatment you deserve and allow you to perform your job at the level you had before. These types of injuries are covered by state mandated insurance and supported by your employer!